Whether you have or have not been to Bardo St James’s, you’ve likely glimpsed or heard about our mesmerising interiors. The full experience, however, is reserved for those who immerse themselves within our unique realm of luxury. Allow us to walk you through the artistry and elegance that define dining at Bardo St James’s.

The Reception

Upon entering, you’re greeted by a reception area that embodies simplicity and classic elegance. Anchored by a classic white reception desk adorned with panelling, the space exudes timeless charm. Above, a matte black ceiling contrasts beautifully with the luminance of the Carrara and Nero Marble floor. Spotlight downlights cast a gentle glow, highlighting elegant features, while antique Murano pendants add refinement. The high draping of rich Bordeaux velvet is designed to add a welcoming warmth setting the stage for what awaits within.

The Wine Cellar

Bardo’s Wine Cellar immediately draws attention as you step inside. Situated near the reception, its strategic placement serves as both a welcome and an invitation. This is more than just a collection of bottles; it’s a symbol of Bardo’s commitment to elegance and luxury. The inviting glow beckons you to explore, reflecting the importance of wine in your culinary journey. Its perfect location, meticulous design, and extraordinary collection align to make Bardo’s Wine Cellar an integral part of your dining experience.

The Bar

At the heart of the restaurant, our stunning bar is a testament to refined elegance. Gleaming marble, radiant under ambient lighting, sets the tone for an unparalleled drinking experience. Lush green velvet armchairs extend an invitation, resonating perfectly with the overall aesthetics. Above, delicate Murano chandeliers shower their luxurious glow, while the Tropical Plant mural ceiling transforms the bar into something magical. Here, it’s not just about savouring a drink; it’s a journey through luxury, design, and refinement.

The Dining Room

To the left of the stunning marble bar, the main dining area welcomes you with opulence and meticulous design. Dominating the space is an entertainment stage with a grand piano, setting the tone for evenings filled with melody and sophistication. Custom-tailored seating in a rich Bordeaux hue, complemented by cordless cabaret table lamps, creates an inviting ambience. Lush greenery and adjustable Italian luxury lighting ensure that each dining experience at Bardo St James’s is a unique and unforgettable culinary theatre.

The Private Lounge

Tucked away in a corner lies a space that embodies exclusivity. The Lounge’s reflective mirror ceiling, set against a bold black backdrop, amplifies the space, captivating the imagination. Walls adorned with contemporary Italian art and sumptuous Persian carpeting offer a luxurious foundation, while matte black panelling gives a cosy aura. Luxurious pendants illuminate the space, highlighting the meticulous care put into this escape. Custom-made furniture wraps guests in comfort, allowing them to savour the unique ambience.

The Restrooms

Even in our restrooms, the goal is to embody sophistication. Sleek fixtures, lustrous finishes, plush hand towels, and artfully designed vanity mirrors create a modern and sophisticated ambience. The space, kept immaculately clean, reflects Bardo’s commitment to excellence, offering a brief yet memorable retreat, where luxury can be found in every detail.

All in all, every inch of Bardo St James’s, from the reception and wine cellar to the main restaurant and the secluded lounge, has been thoughtfully designed and carefully placed. The elegance extends even to the functional spaces, like the toilets, where design, comfort, and atmosphere converge. Whether for private dining or a grand celebration, Bardo St James’s promises quality, emblematic elegance, and an extraordinary sensory experience. Every visit is not just a meal but a symphony of luxury that lingers long after the evening ends.