Whether marking Valentine’s Day, initiating a blossoming relationship, or honouring years of love, a dinner at Bardo is an unparalleled affair. Located in an exclusive and intimate setting, Bardo offers an ambience that’s perfect for cultivating romance. To transform your dining experience at Bardo into an indelible memory, follow these specially curated tips.

Choose the Perfect Spot

Choosing the perfect spot at Bardo is essential for a romantic evening. By contacting us to request a secluded corner table, couples can foster intimacy, allowing for a deeper connection without distractions. In the soft glow of Bardo’s tasteful lighting, a corner table becomes a private world, enabling meaningful conversation and shared glances. This personalised touch transforms dinner into a shared experience, a memory crafted with care. Contact us to curate an atmosphere that resonates with romance, and let Bardo assist in creating an evening as unique as your love story.

Book Your Table in Advance

Booking your table in advance at Bardo is a thoughtful gesture that sets the stage for a perfect evening, especially on weekends when tables are in high demand. This act of foresight ensures that you secure the ideal spot, reflecting consideration and meticulous planning for your partner. It’s more than a reservation; it’s a commitment to making the evening special. By reserving ahead of time, you can also communicate specific preferences, such as a secluded table, aligning every detail with your vision for the night. In a sophisticated venue like Bardo, advance booking is a key element in crafting an unforgettable, seamless romantic experience.

Dress to Impress

Dressing to impress is a fundamental aspect of a romantic evening at Bardo. Wearing something elegant yet comfortable is more than a fashion statement; it’s a reflection of the effort and respect you have for the occasion. The right attire not only enhances your confidence but also sets a sophisticated and romantic tone for the evening. It communicates that the night is special, deserving of a little extra attention to appearance. Whether it’s a classic suit or a chic dress, choosing the right outfit adds to the overall ambience, making the evening at Bardo feel like a grand celebration of love and connection.

Personalise Your Experience. Our live music performers are always happy to sing a special number for you. Request a favourite song or special dessert. Personal touches make the experience unique, creating lasting memories.

Understand the Menu

Understanding the menu is a vital part of planning a romantic evening at Bardo. If you have any questions about the food and drinks menus, it’s always best to call us. Familiarity with the offerings allows for a smooth dining experience, free from uncertainty or last-minute decisions. It helps in making informed choices that suit both your tastes, ensuring that the meal complements the occasion. For those seeking a truly effortless experience, you can also opt for a pre-set romantic dinner. A pre-set menu takes the guesswork out of ordering, ensuring a seamless experience that allows you to focus solely on each other. By taking the time to understand the menu, you’re investing in an evening where every detail resonates with thoughtfulness and care.

Personalise Your Experience

At Bardo, we believe in making each dining experience unique and tailored to our guests. You can request a favourite song, or a special dessert, or even arrange for flowers or champagne to be placed on your table in advance before you arrive. These personalised touches transform the evening into something truly special. Whether it’s a song that holds sentimental value, a dessert that brings back fond memories, or the elegant surprise of flowers and champagne, personalising your experience at Bardo ensures that the evening resonates with your individual love story. It’s a celebration of what makes your connection unique, creating an atmosphere that’s as distinctive and beautiful as the love you share.

Capture the Moment

In the midst of a romantic evening at Bardo, don’t forget to take a picture. A photograph is more than a simple image; it’s a tangible memory that captures the essence of the evening. It freezes a moment in time, allowing you to revisit the joy, love, and connection you shared. Long after the night is over, that photograph will serve as a beautiful reminder of a special experience. At Bardo, our floor staff are always willing to help capture the moment, ensuring that the memories made continue to resonate and inspire. Their assistance adds a professional touch, making the evening at Bardo feel even more grand and memorable.

Ready to impress a special someone now?

Bardo’s distinctive setting offers a romantic experience like no other. With meticulous planning and adherence to these essential elements, your evening at Bardo will become a cherished memory for both of you. Immerse yourselves in the love, elegance, and indulgence that only Bardo can provide, and watch your romance flourish.