They say music is the universal language of the soul, connecting hearts and minds across boundaries and cultures. At Bardo, every day is an invitation to embark on this borderless melodious journey, immersing yourself in a live music safari that epitomises elegance, taste, and timeless sophistication.

Our live entertainment is not merely a unique feature that sets us a cut above the rest; it is the very soul of our establishment.

At Bardo, our evenings are more than just meals; they’re where music, art, and flavours come together in perfect harmony. The week’s rhythm starts with solo acts on Monday, building to lively ensembles by Saturday. Central to this experience are our top-notch performers, managed by Ponente Entertainment, who turn every night into a unique cultural celebration.

Meet The Bardo Live Music Team

Francesca Confortini

A cherished regular at Bardo, Francesca’s soft yet soulful tone, cultivated in Milan and honed in London, has adorned our stage as well as prestigious venues from Wembley Stadium to the Grand Hotel de Paris. Her international collaborations and versatile style not only enhance our musical offerings but also infuse our evenings with a global flair that resonates with our discerning guests.

James Hudson

Epitomising the 21st-century jazz singer, James Hudson’s effortless voice and passion for The Great American Songbook have found a harmonious home at Bardo. His critically acclaimed performances, which have graced stages from Ronnie Scott’s to Monte Carlo, resonate deeply with our guests. His artistry and connection to timeless jazz standards make him an integral part of the unique musical experience we offer.

Sara Manfredda

Sara’s vast repertoire and spirited performances at Bardo are a musical journey, guiding our guests through beloved covers from the ’60s to the present. Her masterful blend of Soul, RnB, Funk, and Pop not only complements our musical ambience but also adds a lively and nostalgic touch that resonates with audiences of all ages. Her energy and versatility are integral to the vibrant atmosphere we cultivate at Bardo.

Jessica De Giudici

Jessica’s Italian-American heritage and mastery of blues & jazz singing have not only earned her awards and radio broadcasts but also a special place at Bardo. Her captivating performances, both at our venue and other prestigious stages, along with her leadership of The Red Hot Rags, weave a rich and soulful thread into our musical tapestry. Her unique blend of cultural influences and musical styles adds depth and authenticity to the Bardo experience.

Chess Galea

A multifaceted artist with a global perspective, Chess Galea’s contributions to Bardo extend beyond her captivating performances. Her work in writing for K-pop, vocal coaching, and advocacy for feminism and mental health awareness aligns with our values and broadens our cultural reach. Her North American tour and festival performances mirror the international appeal and diverse musical experience we strive to offer at Bardo. Her presence adds a contemporary and socially conscious dimension to our musical ensemble.

Giulia Marelli

Hailing from Italy, Giulia Marelli’s versatile voice and magnetic stage presence have found a home at Bardo. Her rich background, encompassing jazz studies in Milan, street performances in London, and collaborations with acclaimed musicians, infuses our musical lineup with a unique flair. Giulia’s passion and style resonate with Bardo’s ethos, enhancing our dedication to offering an experience steeped in luxury, culture, and the vibrant joy of live music.

So, as you can see, an evening at Bardo St James’s is more than a night out; it’s an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Our talented musicians and the magical ambience they create make Bardo a destination for anyone seeking luxury, culture, and the joy of live music. You’re therefore always welcome to join us for a symphonic celebration that resonates with the soul and leaves an indelible mark on the heart.

At Bardo, every note is a memory, and every evening is an unforgettable melody!